1/5/2015 Oswego County, NY Lake Effect Snow

Severe Lake Effect Snow Storm hammers Oswego County, NY including Village of Parish, NY causing dangerous many accidents on I-81. Footage of several vehicles stranded in ditches in deep snow on Interstate 81, some shots with emergency vehicles providing assistance. Footage of very heavy Lake Effect Snow band from Lake Ontario caused by frigid arctic air moving over the warmer lake surface. Snowfall rates of 2-4 inchers per hour are occurring in some areas under this heavy snow band with total accumulations of 1-3 feet expected over next 48 hours.

All footage shot on January 5, 2015 in Oswego County near Parish, NY during morning daylight on/near I-81.

Shot List:

1-15. Various shots of vehicles stranded in ditches after sliding and/or wrecking on slick snow-covered roadway on Interstate 81 (some shots with emergency vehicles providing assistance)

16. Pushed-in shot of vehicles on snow-covered highway with heavy snow falling passing by shooter

17 & 18. Pushed-in shot of snow-covered cars with heavy snow falling in Parish, NY

19. Pushed-in shot of man clearing snow from car with heavy snow falling in Parish, NY

20. Pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling with dark trees in background in Parish, NY

22. wide shot of truck with plow passing by camera with heavy snow falling in Parish, NY

23. pushed-in shot of heavy snow falling in central Parish, NY

24. wide shot of person with large shovel walking down middle of road with heavy snow falling in Parish, NY

25. pushed-in shot of front-loader moving deep snow into large pile

26. POV driving shot of snowplow with heavy snow falling on I-81

27. POV driving shot of traffic in heavy snow on I-81

28. POV driving shot with very heavy snow with traffic on I-81

29. Pushed-in shot of \"I-81\" highway sign with heavy snow falling

30. wide POV driving shot of dashboard/windshield showing white-out conditions with heavy snow on I-81

31. POV driving shot of I-81 with very heavy snow falling