11/16/2014 Norman, OK Snow Storm B-Roll

Snow covered the ground this evening in Norman, OK which is famous for storm chasing but this year Norman, OK has seen more snow days then tornado days.

Shot 1: Shows an accident early in the snow event where a driver struck a guard rail and was unconscious. Police/Fire are on scene along with tow truck

Shot 2: Shows I35 traffic moving very slowly. This is a wide shot.

Shot 3: Shows a tighter view on entry to I35 with traffic moving very slow and roads clearly covered.

Shot 4: Another angle of shot 1.

Shot 5: Driving on snow covered roads with snow blowing across roads.

Shot 6: Wide shot showing kids sledding in the fresh snow.

Shot 7: Tight show on kids sledding down a hill.

Shot 8: Shows people pushing a Ford Mustang which was stuck going up a hill from stoplight.

Shot 9: Shows a truck fishtailing when taking off from a stoplight. Emergency crews talk on scanner in background.

Shot 10: Vehicles at a snowy intersection.

Shot 11: Driving on I35 north of Norman, OK with slick roads from dash camera.