11/15/2014 Twin Cities Travel Hazards B-roll

On the northern side of the winter weather advisory that is covering much of the Midwest, the area around and just north of the Twin Cities
metro area was experiencing some horrible icy road conditions as the snow and the cold temps combined to make for extremely dangerous conditions on Interstate 94.

At one point, interstate 94 was shut down at Clearwater, MN due to a serious roll over accident.

Along with slick driving conditions, air traffic at Minneapolis International Airport were also delayed do to deicing operations.

Clip 1 Electronic road sign warning of icy conditions with a car in the ditch in the back ground.

Clip 2 VO talking about icy road conditions.

Clip 3 VO talking about the icy road conditions.

Clip 4 VO talking about the icy road conditions and traffic at a crawl.

Clip 5 Vehicle in the ditch along interstate 94.

Clip 6 POV shot of Pickup truck pulling a trailer that is jack knifed in the center of I94.

Clip 7 Overhead shot from the bridge of the pickup pulling a trailer that was jack knifed on I94.

Clip 8 State Patrol blocking traffic for a car off the road.

Clip 9 State Patrol and a vehicle off the road on I94.

Clip 10 Vehicle spun out on an entrance ramp.

Clip 11 Fire truck responding to a crash on Interstate 94.

Clip 12 Rear Camera shot of State Patrol, Fire Truck and Tow trucks rushing to the scene of a serious accident on Interstate 94 at Clearwater.

Clip 13 Rear Camera shot of an Ambulance rushing to the scene of another accident.

Clip 14 Pov shot in traffic with an Ambulance rushing past on the shoulder of Interstate 94.

Clip 15 Side camera shot of a wreck on Interstate 94.

Clip 16 Dash camera shot of the Roll Over wreck on Interstate 94.

Clip 17 Dash camera shot from the westbound lane of the serious roll over wreck on Interstate 94 with traffic backed up for miles.

Clip 18 Pointed low shot of the road surface covered in ice.

Clip 19 State Trooper rushing past on the shoulder.

Clip 20 Pointed low shot of the road surface covered in ice.

Clip 21 Minneapolis, MN Skyline and snow.

Clip 22 POV shot on Interstate 35W and the Minneapolis, MN Skyline.

Clip 23 Snow falling with lights from a parking lot.

Clip 24 POV Following a snow plow.

Clip 25 Rear camera passing the snow plow.

Clip 26 – 27 Airplanes landing at Minneapolis International Airport in the snow.

Clip 28 Aircraft Deicing as another plane taxi\'s in front of the plane being deiced.

Clip 29 Aircraft Deicing

Clip 30 Aircraft Deicing

Clip 31 Aircraft Deicing

Clip 32 Aircraft Deicing

Clip 33 Aircraft Deicing