11/15/2014 Rice Lake, WI Arctic Blast Sub Zero Temps.

Before the next round of snow moves into Wisconsin, the bitter subzero temps took over this morning around Rice Lake, WI.
Scene 1. Bank temp.
Scene 2. Icicle.
Scene 3. Frost on trees.
Scene 4. Steam on open water by the dam.
Scene 5. Frost on trees with old water tower.
Scene 6. Steam on another area of open water.
Scene 7. Sun glaring off the ice on Rice Lake.
Scene 8. Frost on fall colors.
Scene 9. Another icicle.
Scene 10. Steam from smoke stack.
Scene 11 Frost on trees,cattails,and ice covered Rice Lake.
Scene 12. Crack in the ice on Rice Lake.
Scene 13-14. Frost on pine trees and fall colors.
Scene 15. Exhaust from a truck.
Scene 16. Sun shinning through the clouds.