11/16/2014 Venice, FL Hot Weather At Chalk Fest B-roll

While the Midwest is freezing with winter conditions, South Florida is basking in the warmth of the sun on Sunday Afternoon at the Chalk Fest in Naples, FL.

Venice Florida. Temperatures reached the mid 80s today in Venice Florida. Crowds got outside to enjoy the warm weather and attend the \"Chalk Festival\" and witness a world record set for the largest 3D pavement artwork ever created at 22,747.60 square feet. The record setting work was created on a abandon runway at the Venice airport. Other pavement chalk art was exhibited in downtown Venice Florida where crowds gathered in the hot sun to watch the artists and enjoy their work. The theme for this year\'s chalk art was \"Extinct and Endangered Species\". Ref http://chalkfestival.org

Shot List:
1) Wide shot of Spectators and artists in sunny hot downtown Venice FL.

2) Shot of spectators in sun and heat.

3) Shot of artist working on pavement art in hot sun.

4) Close shot of artist working.

5,6,7,8) Four varied shots of pavement chalk artists working in hot sun.

9) Medium tilt down of artists in sun hats and sunglasses working.

10) Crowds in sun and heat.

11) Guy sitting on pavement in sun near art.

12) Women dressed for sun stand on runway at site of record breaking 3D pavement artwork at Venice airport.

13) Record breaking 3D pavement artwork (megladon shark.)

14,15) People in sun hats and sunglasses in sun and heat at Venice FL airport.

16) Palms in bright sun in downtown Venice FL.

17) American flag flies in sun with palms and flowing trees in downtown Venice FL.