11/4/2014 Carbondale, IL Chilly Election Day Rains

Voters out on Election Day across southern IL likely didn\'t vote a chilly rain into the region, yet when it comes to the weather, Mother Nature\'s the only vote that counts.  And while the rains weren\'t welcoming the high turnout at the polls, the dry conditions in the region certainly needed the break.  Rain gauges across the region measured anywhere from half-inch to 1-inch of rain starting in the morning hours on Tuesday and going through the evening.

This storm system, while not amped with severe weather, will bring a slow, but steady drop in temperatures to the region with highs struggling to get out of the 40s by the weekend.

Video package shot in Carbondale, Illinois in Jackson County in the southern part of the state.  Carbondale is about 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scenes 1-3: Close-up shot of a squirrel in fallen leaves digging up a walnut and putting it in his mouth.  Other shots of squirrel running around in the leaves.

Scene 4: Wide shot of a street with passing cars as a biker rides at the camera with an umbrella in hand.

Scene 5: Panning shot of a woman with an umbrella panned to another woman with an umbrella walking opposite direction.

Scene 6: Two people, one in a hoodie and the other with umbrella, walking at the camera.

Scene 7: Panning shot of a girl on cell phone with an umbrella.

Scene 8: Woman standing with an umbrella.

Scene 9: Woman with a coffee walking with an umbrella.

Scene 10: Girl walking with pink umbrella.

Scene 11: Woman with a purple umbrella.

Scene 12: Girl in jacket on a bike.

Scene 13: Group of people walking away from the camera in hoodies and umbrellas.

Scene 14: Wide shot of girl walking away from camera with umbrella.

Scene 15: Wide shot of street with biker under umbrella riding away from the camera.

Scene 16-17: Ground-level shots over a puddle with people walking by.

Scene 18: Shot of puddle on a sidewalk with rain drops.

Scene 19: Shot of fall leaf in puddle with rain drops.

Scene 20: Wide shot of orange trees with gentle rains falling.

Scene 21: Tight shot of orange leafs in the rain.

Scene 22: Shot of yellow tree with gentle rains and grey skies.

Scene 23: Shot of beading water on a black car.

Scene 24: Cars driving through downtown.

Scene 25-26: POV driving shots through the rain in Carbondale.