11/01/2014 Siesta Beach, Sarasota Florida Windy & Cold B-Roll

Day time temps plunged from the upper 80s to the low 60s in FL. Strong chilling winds blow sand like snow on the white sand beaches of Siesta Key. People in hoodies and jackets at sunset time on Siesta Beach in blowing sand.

1) Wide shot of sand blowing across Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota FL.
2) Another wide shot of blowing sand.
3) Couple on beach in blowing sand wearing stocking cap and hoodie.
4) Blowing sand looks almost like snow.
5) Person in baby blue hoodie walks beach in blowing sand.
6,7) Guy flying parachute style kite goes airborne in strong wind.
8) High surf in wind on Gulf of Mexico.
9) Kids run across beach in blowing sand.
10,11,12,13) Four shots of people bundled for cold weather on beach.
14,15,16) Three more beauty shots of blowing sand on beach during sunset.
17) Sunset shot with lifeguard tower silhouette.
18) Sunset shot with silhouette of person standing on beach.