11/5/2014 Brainerd, MN Snow B-Roll

First accumulating snow event fell over north central Minnesota on Wednesday afternoon as several inches of snow fell in the Brainerd Lakes area around Brainerd, MN.

Clip 1 Brainerd Lakes Area Welcome Center & Rest Area sign with snow falling.

Clip 2 Statue of Paul Bunyan in the snow as if he is waving goodbye to the warm weather and hello winter.

Clip 3 Flag blowing in the wind in the snow.

Clip 4 Traffic in Brainerd with the watertower inthe background.

Clip 5 Man shoveling snow.

Clip 6 Low shot of the snow shovel passing by the camera.

Clip 7 Handicap parking sign covered in snow.

Clip 8 Man shoveling snow (wider shot).

Clip 9 Snow plow driving towards the camera.

Clip 10 Side shot passing the snow plow.

Clip 11 – 12  Outside the Minnesota School of Diving, Babe the Blue Ox (Paul Bunyan) is decked out and ready to go scuba diving, as snow is falling and covering the statue.

Clip 13 – 14 Snow falling at Gregory Park in Brainerd.

Clip 15 Snow written on the back of a SUV with NO underlined.

Clip 16 Heavy snow falling and street lamps.

Clip 17 Traffic and snow.

Clip 18 POV Driving shot at night.

Clip 19 – 22 Various clips of cars covered in snow.