7/14/2014 Minneapolis, MN Cold Temps B-Roll

Unseasonably cold weather blankets the midwest today with lunch time temps in the Twin Cities only in the Upper 50s with highs in the lower 60s for the day.  It feels more like an Early October day then the middle of July.

Footage shot around Lake Calhoun and Lake Harriet in Minneapolis, MN.

Clip 1 Skyline shot over the water from Lake Calhoun

Clip 2 Bank thermometer showing at 11am it was only 55F outside

Clip 3 Group of women walking around Lake Calhoun and one is adjusting her sweater while another is wearing a jacket and a scarf in the chilly temps.

Clip 4 Woman walking her dog and looking really chilly

Clip 5 Two women waling to their car and walk in front of a Detour Ahead sign while looking chilly

Clip 6 – 7 The south beach of Lake Calhoun which would normally be packed this time of day in the middle of July, is totally empty.

Clip 8 Man riding a bike towards the camera.

Clip 9 People on roller blades looking chilly

Clip 10 Man on a bike wearing long sleeves

Clip 11 Woman walking her dogs looking cold

Clip 12 Two women walking looking cold

Clip 13 Woman walking in the rose garden at Lake Harriett with a fleece coat on.

Clip 14 Woman with her kids taking photos in the rose garden.  Everyone's wearing a coat.

Clip 15 Man with his dog in the rose garden and a woman takes his photo.  

Clip 16 A sign in the road garden saying Count Only The Sunny Days

Clip 17 Fountain in the park with clouds rolling by

Clip 18 Man walking towards the camera with a coat on

Clip 19 Two women in the rose garden checking out the flowers but wearing coats to stay warm.

Clip 20 Couple walking towards the camera.

Clip 21 To women walking towards the camera.

Clip 22 Man walking towards the camera.

Clip 23 To women roller bladding towards the camera.

Clip 24 Woman in all black walking toward the camera.