7/13/2014 Herrin, IL Torrential Nighttime Rains

Ahead of the massive temperature drop settling in to the Midwest this upcoming week, severe storms and torrential rains are making their mark.  After the central part of the state got hammered on Saturday, it was southern Illinois' turn late Sunday as multiple rounds of storms moved across the region dumping several inches of rain in very short periods.  Doppler radar estimates from the PAH radar site indicate upwards of 2-3 inches of rain across the Rt. 13 corridor from the first two rounds that moved in before midnight.  Those storms did some minor tree damage, but mainly left behind some street flooding as the torrential rains fell in just under 30 minutes with rates of 1.5-2" per hour noted.

More storms were due to roll into the region overnight adding to the rain already falling.  The front was expected to move into extreme southern IL near the rivers by 3-4am bringing most of the rain with it.

Video package shot in and around the town of Herrin, Illinois in Williamson County.  Herrin is located approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1-3: POV shots driving in the torrential rains just outside of Herrin on Rt. 148.

Scene 4: POV shot on north side of Herrin during rain as a vehicle passes.

Scene 5: Shot looking at a street light in Herrin as torrential rains fall.

Scene 6-7: Shots of torrential rains in street lights.

Scene 8: Shot of high winds and rain hitting a van in a parking lot in south Herrin.

Scene 9-10: Close and wide shots of a gutter/water spout exploding with water as torrential rains fall.

Scene 11: Water flows over Rt. 148 in north Herrin as one vehicle stops quickly as oncoming vehicles drive through nearly a foot of standing water.

Scene 12-17: Various shots of traffic plowing through the flooded roadway on Rt. 148 in north Herrin.

Scene 18-19: Shot of a large tree limb that came down near the road in Herrin.