7/8/2014 Hannibal, MO & Quincy, IL River Flood

Video highlighting the Mississippi River flooding in Hannibal, MO and Quincy, IL.

The Hannibal segment opens with shots of people sitting at the levees near downtown.  Meanwhile, two girls foolishly jump into the flood waters and swim in them near railroad tracks that are flooded, Following shots of the levee walls that protect the downtown
area, which has been reported as unreachable, however is perfectly safe at this time.

Several shots of flooded railroad tracks on the other side of the walls
followed by shots of buildings surrounded by water as well as a flooded road barricaded with a FLOOD WATER sign.  Shots then take from a sports complex on the south side of the city that isn't as protected.

Last two Hannibal shots are shots of a flooded road under a bridge.

The Quincy segment opens up with a shot of the US-24 bridge with the Clat Adams park in the foreground.  Second shot of a Welcome to Quincy sign in flood waters.  Third shot of geese floating in front of a flooded restaurant.

Two shots of the flooded Pier Restaurant, followed by two stop sign shots in flood waters, followed by a shot of water bubbling up from I assume a sewer.