7/8/2014 LaGrange, MO River Flood Crest B-roll

Major flooding continued along the Mississippi River between Davenport, Iowa and St. Louis on Tuesday as cresting occurred in major flood stage all up and down the Mississippi River. The river near Quincy, IL crested at 26.75 feet, nearly 10 feet above flood stage and five feet over the threshold for major flood stage. This crest was the 6th highest for this station in Quincy, and just under 6 feet below the record flood stage recorded on July 13, 1993 where the river crested at 32.13 feet.

Video package shot in the town of La Grange, Missouri, north of Quincy by about 7 miles. Many parts of Main Street and Business Route 61 were closed and impassable due to high flood waters. The Mark Twain Casino in town was surrounded by flood waters on three sides, but remained open for business.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of the La Grange Railroad sign submerged in water with the town name visible just at the top of the water. One wide and one zoomed in shot.

Scene 3: A man stands in the flood waters with a inundated bar in the background.

Scene 4: Shot of inundated bar.

Scene 5: Wide shot of bar and large tree.

Scene 6: Shot of home surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 7: Shot of outbuilding surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 8: Shot of Main Street/Jackson Street sign with flooded building in the background.

Scene 9: Stop sign in the water with levels midway through the letters.

Scene 10: Another stop sign sticking out of high flood waters.

Scene 11: Shot of a home on 2nd Street, one block west of Main, flooded.

Scene 12: Two mailboxes in flood waters.

Scene 13: Looking down 2nd Street at flood waters.

Scene 14: A Main Street intersection under water.

Scene 15: One of the buildings along Main Street surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 16-18: Various shots looking down Main Street/US-61 Business Route at the flood waters.

Scene 19: Road Closed barricades on Main Street.

Scene 20: Flood waters along MO Route B/Main Street.

Scene 21: Outbuilding surrounded by flood waters.

Scene 22-23: Speed limit signs along US-61 Business Route in flood waters.

Scene 24-27: Flooded railroad crossing where Washington Street crosses the rainroad tracks.

Scene 28: Shot of down street cone in flood waters on Main Street.