7/9/2014 Clarksville, MO River Flood Crest

On July 9, 2014 at 7am, the Mississippi River at Clarksville crested at 34.78 feet in Major Flood Stage, the 5th highest crest in Clarksville since records started being kept at this location.  Since then, the river as slowly start to recede, but forecasts indicate the river will remain above flood stage for well over a week, likely keeping businesses in the downtown area closed for a while longer as the water recedes and clean up can begin.

Video package shot in the town of Clarksville, Missouri from approximately 12:30pm-2:00pm CDT.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of a Clarksville arch in flood waters.

Scene 3: A man walks to a flooded home through the flood waters.

Scene 4-7: A man placing sandbags near his home in Clarksville.

Scene 8: Shot of the Volunteer Reception Center sign.

Scene 9: Loads of volunteers walking down an alley in downtown Clarksville.

Scene 10: Volunteers sitting in a downtown square, many waving to the camera on a break.

Scene 11-12: A handful of volunteers helping with sandbagging.

Scene 13: Home with open door being protected by sandbags keeping flood waters at bay.

Scene 14: A building almost flooded to its roof.

Scene 15-22: Various shots of buildings in flood waters in unprotected areas of Clarksville.

Scene 23-28: Various shots looking out over sandbags at the flood waters in Clarksville.  Couple shots include water pumps pumping water from nearby buildings.

Scene 29-30: Barricaded ROAD CLOSED of MO-79, the main drag in Clarksville, closed due to flooding.

Scene 31: A sign made by someone saying NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE, FLOOD 2014