6/6/2014 Montezuma, KS Twin Funnels, Damage

Severe storms erupt across Wyoming, Colorado, and Kansas.  Numerous storms erupted across southwest Kansas later in the evening leading to isolated tornado reports, wind damage, and hail.  One storm prompted tornado warnings near Garden City and later moved east of the town, leading to funnel clouds, a couple brief touchdowns, and damaging power lines at Highway 56 and 17-Road.

Video package covers the Montezuma storm as it moved east, leading to twin funnels and knocking down over a dozen power poles.

Scene 1: POV shot of twin funnels, both with brief dust spin-ups beneath.

Scene 2-4: POV of main funnel.

Scene 5: Handheld of wall cloud/funnel.

Scene 6-7: Shots of cops blocking US-56 with the down power lines across the road.

Scene 8-10: Shots of down power poles with cops and stopped traffic in the background.

Scene 11-13: Shots of power pole damage.

Scenes 14-15: POV shots of structure of the storm.

Scene 16: Rainbow and windfarm

Scene 17: Sunset and windfarm.