6/7/2014 Muleshoe, TX Baseball Siz Hail & Flash Flooding B-Roll

An outbreak of severe weather across New Mexico and Texas created all sorts of problems. Dozens of reports of large hail, winds, a few tornadoes, and flooding raked eastern New Mexico into the west Texas Panhandle. One complex of storms moved down out of Clovis, New Mexico into Texas where it became tornado-warned. This storm produced very high winds, hail up to baseball size, and street flooding all over the city.

Shot in the town of Muleshoe, Texas in Bailey County, Texas.

Scene 1: POV shot arriving in town as strong winds and rain began.

Scene 2-3: Shots of Muleshoe police cars in the middle of the street as the tornado-warned storm approached.

Scene 4: Shot as gas station as storm rolls in.

Scene 5-6: Shots of hail hitting the grass in front of the car.

Scene 7: Shot with flooded road in the background with hail falling.

Scene 8-9: Shots of hail up to golfball size falling and splashing in flash flooding on the road.

Scene 10-14: Shots of cars crossing racing waters down a street in town.

Scene 15-18: Shots of traffic driving through flood waters on the main highway through town.

Scene 19: Baseball size hailstone in hand.

Scene 20: Hail and tennisball in hand.

Scene 21: Hail measured up to 2.75\" next to baseball and a ruler.

Scene 22: Numerous hailstones up to golfball size in hands.

Scene 23: Hailstones in the grass with a tennis ball.

Scene 24: Large downed branch on side of highway in the wind.