6/6/2014 Garden City, KS Hail and Tornado Warning

A tornado warned storm produces hail and a wall cloud near Garden City, Kansas. Then the storms line out and produce a gust front east of Garden City along with strong winds.

Shot List

1) Hail falling and bouncing off a dirt road.

2) Hail bouncing falling on a Kansas highway.

3) Hail falling on dirt road. Wider shot.

4) Tornado warned storm west of Garden City, Kansas.

5) Wall cloud with lowering west of Garden City, Kansas.

6) Tighter, zoomed in shot on lowering.

7) Driving towards tornado warned thunderstorm.

8) Driving under shelf cloud, gust front.

9) Leading edge of strong winds and rain along a gust front.

10) Gust front shot.

11) Gust front with train passing.

12) Driving in heavy rain and strong winds.