6/3/2014 Saint Paul, NE Tornado warned overnight extreme hail storm B-Roll

A tornado-warned storm swept over St. Paul, Nebraska after dark with winds of nearly 70mph and golfball-sized hail. This storm hit the town of St. Paul, which is 25 miles north of Grand Island.

Scene 1: Dash cam shot of gas station in high winds resembling a hurricane as a pickup truck leaves.

Scene 2: Handheld shot zoomed in on pickup truck under gas station.

Scene 3: Dash cam of high winds and bouncing hail with gas station in background.

Scene 4: Panned shot from ground covered in hail to the gas station during height of storm.

Scene 5: Intense hail up to golfball size hitting the pavement in front of the car.

Scene 6: Wider shot with car headlights of hail pounding the ground.

Scene 7: Shot of another gas station in high winds and hail.

Scene 8-9: Shots early in the storm of falling hail.

Scene 10: Shot looking out a car wash as hail and winds batter outside.

Scene 11: POV driving through ponding on street.

Scene 12-13: Cars driving through ponding in the rains at the end of the storm.

Scene 14-15: Shots of rain blowing in the wind at end of storm.

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