6/3/2014 Howard County Nebraska Tornado Warning B-Roll

HP Supercell thunderstorm was tornado warned from Valley County to Howard County.  Video is from the chase from Ord to Saint Paul, Nebraska.

1) A funnel cloud over north-central Nebraska with lightning.

2) Driving east, south of the tornado warned storm with confirmed tornadoes in Howard County, Nebraska.

3,4) Dust spinning up under rotating clouds in Howard County, Nebraska.

5,6) Driving east with strong north winds and heavy rain.

7,8,9) Turbulent, rotating scud clouds on the west side of a tornado warned thunderstorm.

10) DOW truck heading east while scanning a tornadic thunderstorm.

11) Shelf cloud on a severe warned thunderstorm.

12) Storm base in the distance with lightning.

13) scud clouds moving west while storm chasers watch the storm.

14,15) The base of a low precipitation supercell with lightning flashes.