6/3/2014 Broken Bow, NE 2 Inch Hail Storm B-Roll

Storms that developed across southwest Nebraska later in the evening became prolific hail producers. One storm crossed Nebraska State Rt. 2 a few miles southeast of Broken Bow dumping mostly 1-1.5\" hail, but maxed out at 2.25\" with one of the largest stones found in a hole in the ground just off the highway.

Scenes 1-3: Various shots of the oddly shaped 2.25\" hailstone, including it measured with a ruler and compared to a raquetball.

Scenes 4-11: Various shots of hail falling on Rt. 2 southeast of Broken Bow.

Scenes 12-13: Collection of 1-1.5\" stones with ruler, lime, and golfball.

Scene 14: Goofy shaped hailstone in hand.

Scene 15: Panning shot of hail on the ground.

Scenes 16-20: Shots of the storm clouds as storm approached Broken Bow.