6/3/2014 Taylor, NE Severe Storms B-Roll

A large outbreak of severe weather tore across Nebraska on Tuesday with several tornadoes reported, and many reports of high winds, hail, and damage. One storm erupted over western Nebraska and moved into Loup County where an unconfirmed tornado was reported by emergency management near Taylor where this video was shot.

Scene 1-2: POV shots from west of Taylor of area of circulation in the storm.

Scene 3-5: Various POV shots as high winds cross the Highway 92 west of Taylor.

Scene 6: A woman walks to her vehicle as 1.50\" hail falls in the town of Taylor.

Scene 7: Shot of black truck driving in the falling hail.

Scene 8-9: Shots of hail hitting the ground near Taylor.

Scene 10-11: Traffic and road covered in hail, Highway 92.

Scene 12: Hail in hand.

Scene 13-14: Hailstones with ruler and coins from Taylor.

Scene 15: Vehicle seeking shelter under a tree as storm ends.

Scene 16-21: Various shots of tree damage in the town of Taylor.

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