5/4/2014 Guthrie, OK Wildfire B-Roll

In what should be the height of tornado season in Oklahoma, the persistent dry conditions are perfect for wild fires.

Shot #1 – Resident trying to douse flames near his home with a garden hose.

Shot #2 – 20-30 foot high flames approaching a residential area.

Shot #3 – Flames burning amongst homes in residential area.

Shot #4 – Large flames (20-30 foot high at least) with a trailer house at the end of the road beginning to catch on fire.

Shot #5 – Residents try to douse flames as a house is fully engulfed in flames just beyond the current fight.

Shot #6 – Massive flames shooting over the treeline and crossing the road in front of us (~100 yards away).

Shot #7 – Trailer home fully engulfed in flames as residents watch.

Shot #8 – Wide shot of fire line and orange glow just outside of residential area which rest of shots were taken.

Shot #9 – Flames approach residential area, towering in the air.

Shot #10 – Home which was fully in flames in shot #5 in the background before it caught.

Shot #11 – Residents load valuables onto vehicles as towering flames approach in the background.

Shot #12 – A car speeds away from the fire line just 100 yards to my west.

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