5/3/2014 Lyons, Kansas Warm WX B-Roll

Temperatures flirt with 90 degrees across most of Central Kansas on Saturday as the first heat wave of the year guarantees the arrival of Spring to the Great Plains.

Scene 1: Flowers in Lyons, Kansas.

Scene 2: Dandelions have already turned to seed around city square in Lyons.

Scene 3: Lyons water tower with bank sign showing 89F.

Scene 4: Close up of bank sign.

Scene 5: Wide shot of main street in Lyons under a fair weather sky.

Scene 6: Welcome to Lyons.

Scene 7: Welcome to Lyons wide shot.

Scene 8: American flag waves over a war memorial on Lyons city square.

Scene 9: Six Flags monument at the Rice County courthouse in Lyons, KS.

Scene 10: Close up of Six flags monument.

Scene 11: Green grass on the Rice County courthouse lawn.

Scene 12: Wide shot of green grass on courthouse lawn.

Scene 13: A farmer plants seed just outside of Lyons, KS.

Scene 14: Wide shot of farmer under a dry blue sky.

Scene 15: Wheat growing in the open countryside of Rice County, KS.

Scene 16: A pivot irrigation system offers a wheat crop relief from the ensuing heat wave.

Scene 17: An oil well and irrigation system perform in unison on the Kansas prairie.