5/3/2014 Sarasota, FL Flooding B-Roll

HD video from Sarasota County Florida of road flooding, traffic splashing in flooded roads, flooded driveways, various heavy rain shots in residential areas.

Shot List:
1,2,3,4) Four shots of traffic hitting water in flooded road as drivers come around blind curve.
5) Low angle splash cam shot along road.
6) Traffic blasting through flooded road throwing water into the air.
7) County bus splashing along road.
8,9,10) Three more splashing traffic road flood shots.
11) Road side flooding.
12,13) Guy with umbrella and broom in flooded drive way trying to unclog his storm drains.
14) Low hanging storm clouds over bay waters.
15) Heavy rain in my pool cage.
16) Heavy rain run off on my screen.
17) Heavy rain running off roof.
18) Low angle shot of rain run-off going into storm drain.

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