5/5/2014 Guthrie, OK Wildfire Continutes – B-Roll

B-Roll footage of day two of the Guthrie, OK wildfire as high temperatures along with high winds and very dry conditions combine to make an explosive situation.   

The state is under a Red Flag warning from the National Weather Service as fire fighters continue to battle a large fire near Guthrie, OK for a second day.  

Shot #1 – Large Flames Rise over horizon on fire line still actively burning.

Shot #2-#4 – Large flames in a grove of cedar trees on the north end of the fire.

Shots #5-#9 – Destruction in Prairie Grove Mobile Home park where video was shot yesterday evening.

Shot #10 – Firefighters working on blaze.

Shots #11-12 – Smoke rising along fire line.

Shot #13 – Traffic along I-35 with smoke in background near Guthrie, OK.