4/16/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm B-Roll

Another major winter storm system is impacting the central Minnesota region this afternoon with heavy wet snow. While the heart of the Twin Cities metro area is escaping this latest winter storm system, the northwest suburbs are taking the full brunt of the storm in the Saint Cloud, MN area.

While this is one of the, if not last winter storm of the season, after the recent warm up and rain, the road surfaces are acting as if this is the first winter storm of the season.

Clip 1 POV shot with voice over talking about the road surfaces.

Clip 2-4 Roll over accident with a pickup truck on its roof.

First clip tight on a no parking sign and pull back to the truck on the roof as the heavy snow covers the lens.

Second clip and third clip, static shots of the truck on its roof.

Clip 5 Low shot of snow plow passing by the camera in downtown Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 6 – 7 Car vs. Telephone Pole, Telephone utility pole won. Shots of a car that smashed into a utility pole and the front end is destroyed.

Clip 8 State Patrol squad car on Interstate 94 taking up both lanes to keep traffic at a slow speed for safety.

Clip 9 POV Snow Plow on Interstate 94

Clip 10 Snow plow passing by under the camera from an overpass on I94.

Clip 11 Outside Right camera passing a snow plow.

Clip 12 POV Passing a snow plow.

Clip 13 – 15 Aftermath of several vehicles that crashed into a snow plow on highway 10 on the east side of Saint Cloud.

Clip 16 – 17 Vehicle in the ditch on Highway 10.

Clip 18 People out running in the snow in downtown Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 19 People walking in the snow in downtown Saint Cloud, MN. One of them has an Umbrella.

Clip 20 Snow plow in downtown Saint Cloud.

Clip 21-22 POV driving in heavy snow.

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