4/15/2014 Herrin, IL Unseasonably Chilly – BRoll

Unseasonably cool weather has filtered into southern Illinois in the wake of a weekend cold front that brought over a half inch of rain over the weekend. While the sun was out and it looked deceptively mild, chilly temps and a brisk wind made it feel very un-Spring like.

Temperatures overnight prompted Frost and Freeze warnings across the southern part of the state as overnight lows dropped into the low 30s in many areas. High temperatures were 25-30 degrees below the normal readings which usually sit near 70-degrees. While temperatures will struggle to get out of the 40s, overnight lows in the freeze warning areas may drop into the upper 20s, approaching record lows for many towns and be 20 degrees or more below average for this time of year.

Video package shot in the town of Herrin, Illinois which is approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis near the city of Marion.

Scenes 1-2: Shots of Herrin bank signs showing temperatures between 41-42 degrees around the noon-1pm timeframe.

Scene 3: Wide shot of downtown Herrin with a man walking and budding trees behind traffic.

Scene 4: Woman in a doggie pull over getting into a car.

Scene 5: Man on a bike in a hoodie with the hood on his head riding across the street.

Scene 6: Woman in a hoodie getting into a car.

Scene 7: Woman with gloves and a jacket fighting the blustery conditions to unload a shopping cart.

Scene 8: Man in a jacket and beanie walking.

Scene 9: Man in long sleeves at a car wash.

Scenes 10-11: Two guys in jackets loading a truck.

Scene 12: Man in a jacket walking.

Scene 13: Woman in a long jacket standing at a car.

Scene 14: Two bundled up women walking to a car.

Scenes 15-16: Wide shots of traffic in downtown Herrin.

Scene 17: Shot of an American flag blowing in the chilly breeze.