4/15/2014 Iowa City, Iowa – Lunar Eclipse B-Roll

A full Lunar Eclipse creates a surreal scene over the Old Capitol building in down town Iowa City. Students from the university brave the 30 degree cold to view the rare sight as photographers take advantage of the beautiful foreground of the Old Capitol building.

Scene 1: A photographer braves the cold for the perfect Moon shot.

Scene 2: Photographer working camera.

Scene 3: Moon and Mars next to the Old Capitol with a photographer.

Scene 4: Slow zoom of photographer with Old Capitol.

Scene 5: Students laying on lawn with blankets and hats to view eclipse.

Scene 6: Students gather outside of the Old Capitol building.

Scene 7: Down town streets are quiet except for the anticipation of a few star gazers.

Scene 8: Moon Time lapse

Scene 9: Moon with American flag waving.

Scene 10: Panning image up to the Old Capitol golf roof with the copper Moon.

Scene 11: Street lights with the Moon in the background.

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