4/16/2014 Central Minnesota Evening Winter Storm BRoll

After almost all of the snow from this winter had melted and the lakes were beginning to open up from being covered in ice, the latest snowstorm just dumped more than a foot of snow on parts of central Minnesota.

Over a foot of new heavy wet snow covered the ground just north of the Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro area today. The snow caused numerous wrecks all across the north metro region along the Interstate 94 and Highway 10 corridor.

Clip 1 Achman Lake, along Interstate 94 near Avon, MN was starting to refreeze with the latest round of winter weather.

Clip 2 Overhead shot of a snow plow on Interstate 94 that is joined by a State Trooper to help clear the road and control the flow of traffic in Saint Cloud.

Clip 3 Drive Side Camera passing a snow plow on Highway 23 in Saint Cloud.

Clip 4 – 5 Jeep deep in a ditch along Interstate 94 in near Avon, MN.

Clip 6 Stickworks at Saint Johns University covered in snow.

Clip 7 Car stuck in the ditch near Saint Cloud, MN on Interstate 94

Clip 8 – 16 Various shot of a Semi truck slid off the road and lost traction on Highway 10 near Clearwater MN.

Shots include State Trooper arriving on scene. Wide shot of the tractor trailer blocking the east bound lanes of highway 10. Tight shot on State Trooper squad car. Truck drivers trying to chain up the wheels to get traction and the truck driver backing up and out of the way to open up the highway.

Clip 17 Snow plow on Highway 10 near Clear Lake, MN

Clip 18 POV shot of driving in heavy snow on Interstate 94 near Avon, MN.

Clip 19 Truck in the center ditch on Interstate 94 near Saint Jospeh, MN.

Clip 20 POV shot of the State Patrol on the scene of a spin out on Interstate 94 in Saint Cloud, MN.

Clip 21 POV shot of a SUV almost losing control while passing another vehicle that spun out in the center ditch near Clearlake, MN on Interstate 10

Clip 22 POV car in the ditch near Clearlake, MN on Interstate 10

Clip 23 POV Snow plow on Interstate 10 in Saint Cloud, MN

Clip 24 Car in the center ditch on highway 23 in Saint Cloud, MN.