4/13/2014 Marietta, OK Tornadic Storm

Severe storms and tornadoes strike Oklahoma Sunday evening.  Severe storms produce high winds, large hail, heavy rain, frequent lightning, and even tornadoes across Central and Southern Oklahoma.  The most powerful storms hit near the city of Marietta in southern Oklahoma.

All scenes were shot on evening of April 13, 2014 in Southern Oklahoma in/near the city of Marietta during daylight and dusk.

Shot list:

1 & 2. POV driving shot of tornadic storm structure near Elmore City, OK; the storm had just produced a tornado near Velma, OK
3. Panning shot from right to left showing dramatic shelf cloud from a tornadic storm near Marietta, OK
4-7. various wide shots of tornadic storm structure as storm overtakes shooter position near Marietta, OK
8-11. various pushed-in shots of wall clouds near Marietta, OK
12. pushed in shot of wind driven rain and hail from a tornadic storm near Marietta, OK
13-15. various POV driving shots of heavy rain and hail falling on road and car during a tornadic thunderstorm near Marietta, OK
16 & 17. wide POV driving shots of arcus cloud from tornadic storm near Marietta, OK
18. POV driving shot of downtown area of Marietta, OK with lightning flashes from a tornadic storm
19. pushed-in shot of scud fingers moving over road into a wall cloud near Marietta, OK
20. pushed-in shot of large funnel cloud east of Marietta, OK
21. pushed-in dark shot of heavy rain and hail falling in front of car headlight during a tornadic storm near Marietta, OK
22. pushed-in colorful sunset shot with plants in foreground blowing in wind with storm clouds around sun near Marietta, OK
23. wide shot of mammatus clouds over Marietta OK with lightning flashes
24. pushed-in shot of mammatus clouds near sunset over Marietta, OK
25. wide shot of backside of tornadic storm with lightning east of Marietta, OK
26. wide shot of \"Marietta City limit\" sign with storm anvil & lightning flashes in background
27. pushed-in shot of \"pump jack or oil pump\" with storm clouds in background near Marietta, OK