4/12/2014 Rice County, KS Severe Storm

Severe thunderstorms erupted over Central Kansas Saturday evening.  All the severe reports in the state of Kansas were due to hail. I was able to capture dime sized hail and a couple of mid-level shear funnels on a severe warned thunderstorm over Rice County, Kansas.***

Shot List

1) A clip of the storm base with faint lightning being seen in the storm tower.

2) Storm base shot.

3) A very ragged, thin shear funnel. It was more organized before I had the chance to stop the vehicle and grab the camcorder.

4) A more organized shear funnel. It appears as if the main funnel is in the foreground of another lowered cloud that has a little more of a ragged appearance to it.

5) POV shot driving in the rain on highway 56.

6) Dime sized hail bouncing on highway 56.

7) POV shot driving on highway 56 in rain and small hail.

8) A shot of rain and hail falling on highway 56.

9) A small thunderstorm to the north of highway 56 to the northwest of the severe cell.

10) Hail shaft and a lightning flash on the severe warned thunderstorm.

11) A small thunderstorm producing lightning as a vehicle passes.

12)  A long clip of multiple lightning strikes from thunderstorms after dark.