4/8/2014 Murphysboro, IL River Flood Crest B-Roll

Rains from over the weekend have led to many rivers rising over flood stage. The Big Muddy River at Murphysboro rose to just over 7-feet above flood stage and is expected to crest Tuesday evening at 29.50\', 7.50\' feet over the 22\' flood stage level.

According to the National Weather Service out of Paducah, KY, the Carbondale area has seen 3.99\" of rain in the first 8 days of April, which is 3.10\' over the normal. Nearly 3 inches fell on the 3rd during the rain event over the weekend which has contributed to the rising rivers.

Footage shot in and around the town of Murphysboro in Jackson County in southern Illinois. The Big Muddy River currently is at MODERATE flood stage.

Scene 1: Establishing shot with the Big Muddy River sign over the highway with the high river in the background.

Scene 2: Shot along US-51 in Jackson County outside Murphysboro with the river.

Scene 3: Panning shot of flood waters overtaking part of Riverside Park in Murhysboro.

Scene 4: Static wide shot of flood waters at Riverside Park.

Scene 5-7: \"No Swimming Allowed\" sign in flood waters taken at various zooms.

Scene 8-11: Shots of barricades blocking flooded roads around Murphysboro.

Scene 12: Flood waters over a road near Plum Street and 4th.

Scene 13-14: Shots of the 4th Street/Plum Street sign in flood waters.

Scene 15-17: Wide shot of flood water with trees and submerged picnic tables.

Scene 18-19: Flood waters and power lines.

Scene 20: Shot of flowing water on the flooded river.

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