4/7/2014 Iowa City, IA Nice Weather B-Roll

Sunny skies and 60F degrees reach Iowa City ushering in a much anticipated Spring day. Scenes filmed around the University of Iowa Campus.

Scene 1: Bank sign displaying a 60F temperature at 12:55 PM CDT

Scene 2: A wide shot showing the busy street below the bank sign

Scene 3: A collection of mopeds near campus

Scene 4: Close up shot of mopeds

Scene 5: A zoom out show of the Old Capitol building in downtown Iowa City

Scene 6: Flag in a gentle northerly breeze

Scene 7: Students soaking up the sunlight

Scene 8: Students studying out doors

Scene 9: Students hang out on Campus

Scene 10: Students studying outdoors

Scene 11: Student sitting outside

Scene 12: Old Capitol building with bicyclist

Scene 13: Fair weather cumulus clouds over Iowa city

Scene 14: Enjoying the day

Scene 15: Students on campus

Scene 15: Students on campus

Scene 16: Bicycle racks nearly full

Scene 17: Squirrel climbs tree

Scene 18: Squirrel eating an Easter egg?