4/3/2014 Stearns County, MN Winter Storm B-Roll

A powerful winter storm system hit central Minnesota hard Thursday afternoon and created hazardous travel conditions.  

Footage shot around Stearns County, MN of the travel hazards on Interstate 94 as the winter storm started up Thursday afternoon.
Clip 1 Sauk Centre MN City Limits Sign with snow.

Clip 2 POV Driving by a car crash with State Patrol on the scene and a snow plow coming towards the camera.

Clip 3 POV shot driving by a car crash

Clip 4 Flag blowing in the wind with heavy snow

Clip 5 Heavy snow with trees in the foreground

Clip 6 Traffic on Interstate 94

Clip 7 – 10 Road signs covered in snow

Clip 11 Side camera passing a snow plow.

Clip 12 POV snow plow

Clip 13 POV snow plow tight shot on the blade

Clip 14 Side camera shot with snow plow and state patrol as the camera rolls by a crash.

Clip 15 Side camera passing a snow plow

Clip 16 POV passing a wreck in the center of the interstate

Clip 17 POV Passing a snow plow

Clip 18 Snow plow

Clip 19 POV driving in heavy snow

Clip 20 POV passing a snow plow kicking up a lot of snow and creating whiteout conditions.

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