4/3/2014 Farmersville TX Tornadoes and Damage

Major Spring tornado strikes Farmersville, TX causing widespread damage. Several tornadoes touched down near Farmersville, TX causing significant damage to property and homes. A family near Farmersville were rescued from their demolished home near Farmersville.

All shots in late evening and night in and near Farmersville, TX associated with a large tornado and parent supercell thunderstorm

Shot List:

1. wide shot of rotating wall cloud approaching Farmersville, TX shortly before producing tornadoes

2. wide shot of funnel cloud over Farmersville

3. wide shot of traffic fleeing tornadic supercell thunderstorm over Farmersville, TX

4. POV wide shot of very high winds driving rain and hail in traffic with tornado close by in Farmersville, TX

5. Wide shot of large tornado northeast of Farmersville, TX

6-13. various shots of \"powerflashes\" caused by damaging tornado in and near Farmersville, TX destroying powerlines and transformers

14-17. various lightning shots as tornado causes damage after dark near Farmersville, TX

18-22. various shots of tornado damage (mostly tree damage) between Farmersville, TX and north of Greensville, TX

23-28. various shots of emergency personel and vehicles at tornado damaged areas removing debris and searching for survivors near Farmersville, TX

29. Wide shot of \"Greensville\" TX city sign with lightning and storm in back ground

31-33.various shots of powerlines damage by tornado near Farmersville, TX

34. wide shot of \"Farmersville\" TX city sign

35. wide driving shot of tornadic supercell over Farmersville, TX

36. wide driving shot of several large powerflashes from Farmersville, TX tornado

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