4/3/2014 Vernon County Missouri Severe Storms

Severe thunderstorms developed early this afternoon over southwest Missouri producing hail.***

TRT – 2:30

1) A severe thunderstorm developing southwest of Nevada, Missouri in Vernon County.

2) A high based lowering (wall cloud) getting ready to cross highway 71 south of Nevada, Missouri.

3) Driving north on highway 71 in rain and hail passing a semi truck.

4,5) Driving east of Nevada on highway 54 with rain and hail as traffic passes going westbound.

6,7) Storm base south of highway 54 on a severe warned thunderstorm.

8) Storm base shot with a small rfd cut.

9) pan right then pan left on severe thunderstorm base.

10) RFD cut with slow motions in the cloud base ahead of the cut.

11) White hail shaft on a severe thunderstorm.

12) Wider shot of storm and hail shaft.

13) Storm base with a bowl shaped lowering.

14, 15) Shots of a heavy rain shaft and storm base over an empty Missouri HIghway.