3/30/2014 Southern, IL Spring Sunday

After Saturday's overcast and dreary mid-40s, Spring finally returned to southern IL with temperatures rising into the 60s beneath sunny skies.  For the first time all season, the week ahead looks completely Spring-like as high temperatures will stay in the 60s and 70s through the week with storm chances moving in mid-to-late week.  Can we finally say goodbye to the snow and cold in southern IL?  It looks like it!

People were out in force across the region on Sunday, many taking to area lakes for fishing and boating while others enjoyed frozen yogurt and ice cream outside in the warmth of the afternoon sun.

Video package shot in and around Carbondale, IL in Jackson County.  Carbondale is located approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1: Establishing wide shot at Crab Orchard Lake where a boater is loading his boat.

Scene 2: Closer shot of man loading a boat with another boater in the water behind him.

Scene 3: Panning shot of a truck backing a boat down the boat ramp.

Scene 4: Panning shot of two guys on a boat as they go across the lake.

Scene 5: A man in a cool hat getting onto a boat in the water.

Scene 6: Cool hat man driving off in the water.

Scene 7: A man fishing form a boat.

Scene 8: Fishing man pulling into a dock.

Scene 9: Two men on the dock securing boats.

Scene 10: One man drifting off dock while another secures boat to dock.

Scene 11: Boater drives away in the water.

Scene 12-13: Two men fishing at the lake.

Scene 14: Man on a dock fishing.

Scene 15-16: Man readying his fishing line at the lake.


Scene 17: Establishing shot of crowded tables at a frozen yogurt establishment in Carbondale.

Scene 18-19: Shot of several full tables at the yogurt place.

Scene 20: Close shot of two girls at a table.

Scene 21: Close shot of a girl in sunglasses at a table.

Scene 22: A couple eating yogurt.

Scene 23: Woman at a table on her phone.

Scene 24: Various people at the yogurt place.