4/2/2014 Mulvane, KS Damaging Hail B-Roll

Visitor's to the Kansas Star Casino might have got lucky inside at the slots but outside, their vehicles took a beating from large hail as a severe thunderstorm hit the Mulvane, KS area this evening.

Footage includes large hail falling and destroyed vehicle windows.

A nighttime supercell with hail up to 2-inches in diameter crashed through southern Kansas and damaged numerous vehicles in a parking lot in Mulvane, Kansas. This was part of a larger region outbreak of severe weather that prompted tornado watches.

Scene 1: Wide shot in parking lot as storm cranks up.

Scene 2: Shot of parked cars with large hail on the ground and falling.

Scene 3: Large hail slamming into the street and grass.

Scene 4: Zoomed shot of large hail bouncing off the ground.

Scene 5: Tight shot of bouncing hail.

Scene 6: Shot of commuter turning around when shelter was blocked, zoomed shot at windshield as hail falls.

Scene 7: Shot of hail covering the ground.

Scene 8: Hail in the parking lot.

Scene 9: Two vehicles taking shelter at the Hampton Inn.

Scene 10: Vehicle driving through parking lot in hail.

Scene 11: Shots of vehicles under a roof by the Kansas Star Casino.

Scene 12: Panned shot of all the vehicles under the Kansas Star Casino overhang.

Scene 13: Shot of a car back windshield with holes in the glass from hailstones.

Scene 14: Panned shot of windshield holes to hailstones.

Scene 15: Shot of golfball hail and windshield holes.

Scene 16: Shot of busted back windshield.

Scene 17: Van with back windshield totally smashed out.

Scene 18: Shot of hail in hand.

Scene 19: Shot of hail with ruler and golfball.

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