3/29/2014 Tampa Bay FL Stormy B-roll

HD video of the heavy weather coming into Tampa Bay during the afternoon of Saturday March 29th. Skyway Bridge at Tampa Bay to North Port FL. Stormy drive with very heavy rain on I-275 and I-75.

Shot List:

1) Skyway Bridge and traffic.
2) Skyway Bridge and high wind warning sign.
3) Skyway bridge and storm clouds.
4) Skyway bridge and storm clouds (tighter)
5,6,7,8) Four sequenced clips of the drive over the bridge towards St Pete as severe thunderstorm warning was issued.
9) Wind and waves on the bay near fishing pier.
10) Guy fishing from pier with umbrella and skyway bridge behind the shot.
11,12) Skyway bridge obscured in rain.
13) Guy hiding from rain and wind in a trash bag on fishing pier.
14) Guy with umbrella on pier.
15) Rain, waves and wind along road to fishing pier.
16,16,18) Three dash cam shots of VERY heavy rain on I-75 south in Sarasota County.
19,20) Heavy rain and run off at gas station.
21) Jeep splashes through ponding water in Sarasota County.
22,23,24) Traffic in heavy rain through frame.
23,24) Car splashes through ponding water.
25) Motorcyclists at exit ramp light in heavy rain.