3/8/2014 Wellington Kansas Spring Sleet

Light to moderate sleet fell during the late morning hours south of Wichita, Kansas in the community of Wellington, Kansas, which is just off interstate 35 in Sumner County. More sleet with a changeover to snow is expected through the afternoon hours as a winter weather advisory is in effect.***

TRT – 2:08

Shot List

1) A mother unloads all of her kids out of her SUV in blowing sleet.

2) A lady with an umbrella pushes a cart full of groceries to her car against the strong northerly winds and blowing sleet.

3) A man stops to fill up his gas tank with minor sleet accumulations on the ground.

4) Traffic on wet roadways in Wellington, Kansas (Highway 160).

5,6) Sleet bouncing and accumulating on the hood of a black Mazda.

7) A robin out looking for food among icy grass gets tired of being pelted with sleet and fly's off.

8,9,10,11) Various shots of bouncing sleet and light accumulations.

12) A sleet covered rooftop.

13) A sleet covered road in Sumner County.

14) Sleet falling against trees and bushes.

15) Traffic shot along highway 160 on the east side of Wellington.

16) Flag shot.

17) Wellington water tower shot.