3/7/2014 Not Cold Anymore in Carbondale, IL

It's not as cold anymore across southern Illinois as temperatures soared into the upper 50s and even a few locations hitting 60-degrees for the first time in March, and for a few areas, the first time hitting the 50s for nearly a month.

People were out and about today as the temperatures peaked near 60.  Warmer weather is expected through the weekend into early next week when temperatures will rise well into the 60s.

Video package shot in Carbondale and nearby Crab Orchard in Jackson County in southern Illinois.  It is south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1-2: Bank thermometer in Carbondale, IL showing warm temperatures during the mid afternoon.

Scene 3: Traffic on US-13 in Carbondale.

Scene 4-11: Shots of people on the Southern Illinois University Campus.

Scene 12: Man fishing at Crab Orchard Lake.

Scene 13-14: Boater on Crab Orchard Lake enjoying the mild temperatures.

Scene 15-16: Flying ducks across the waters of Crab Orchard.

Scene 17-20: Shots of the clouds illuminated at sunset from Carbondale with tree silhouettes.