3/8/2014 Arkansas City, Kansas Snow

A winter weather advisory was in effect this afternoon for Arkansas City, Kansas including all of Cowley County. 2" of snow was measured in Arkansas City. During the height of the snowfall, a few snowflakes falling were larger than the size of quarters. The largest snowflakes that I have personally experienced.

Shot List

TRT – 3:34

1,2,3,4) Various shots of a Dodge truck with a Tennessee tag that had slid off a Cowley County, Kansas highway. In the last shot you can still see the tire tracks where he left the road at.

5) Large snowflakes falling in Winfield, Kansas along highway 77.

6) Snow covered trucks at a dealership in Winfield.

7) Large snowflakes falling against evergreen trees.

8) Arkansas City water tower shot with snow falling.

9) Birds gathered over a snow covered ground.

10) A stop sign covered in snow. Possibly a sign telling mother nature enough with winter already. Just stop and let spring begin!

11) Traffic in Arkansas City, Kansas with falling snow.

12) HUGE snowflakes falling! The grey, cloudy sky gives the snow poor contrast, but these were the largest snowflakes I have ever personally witnessed.

13,14) Very large snowflakes (nickel to quarter sized) falling in a parking lot and melting on impact.

15) A snowy scene from Arkansas City.

16) Two girls walking in the snow.

17,18) Traffic shots in downtown Arkansas City with heavy snow falling.

19) Girl walking in heavy snow.

20) Police helping a stranded motorist.

21) Snow plow adjusting his plow.

22) Snow plow and snow falling shot.

23) Hey welcome to Kansas! Where it's snowing and were in the process of clearing off highway 77!

24) Snow plow waiting on traffic to turn.