3/2/2014 Oklahoma City, OK Winter Storm B-Roll

New footage from Chris Sanner of the winter storm impacting the Oklahoma City, OK metro area and creating hazardous travel conditions.

Shot 1: Thunder sleet falling near Wayne, OK just south of the OKC metro.

Shots 2-6: Steam rising and racing across Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Shot 7: Snowplow with sparks on road trying to clear sleet off of roadway in Oklahoma City on I-44.

Shot 8: Wreck immediate aftermath on I-44 in OKC.

Shots 9-11: Traffic and falling sleet in Oklahoma City metro along I-35.

Shot 12: Overturned car in ditch in Oklahoma City.

Shot 13: Powerline being whipped in strong winds near Dibble, OK.
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