3/2/2014 Jefferson County, IL Heavy Snow & Plows B-Roll

A major winter storm continues it's impacts across the Midwest with the daytime sleet and ice turning over to heavy snow that severely limited visibilities and kept crews busy trying to keep the roads clear.  Snow accumulations through midnight were only up to 3 inches in spots, but the gusty winds created drifting snow often times making roadways impossible to determine where they ended and turned to shoulder.

Scene 1: Snowplow blazing north along I-57 near Mt. Vernon kicking up tons of snow.

Scene 2: Oncoming snowplow on I-57 near Mt. Vernon.

Scene 3: Heavy snow falling with passing snowplow and car in Jefferson County.

Scene 4: POV of coming snowplow on highway.

Scene 5: Snowplow on I-57 kicking up snow.

Scene 6: Good shot of oncoming snowplow clearing highway.

Scene 7-9: POV shot during heavy snow showing very limited visibility.

Scene 10: Passing car in heavy snow.

Scene 11: Good shot of oncoming car in heavy and blowing snow.

Scene 12: Snowplow in town.

Scene 13-14: Shots of blowing American flag showing the gusty winds and heavy snows.

Scene 15-16: Shots of numerous snowplows in a parking lot on standby to deploy.

Scene 17: Shot of heavy snow in street light.

Scene 18: Shot of parking lot completely glazed over in ice and snow.

Scene 19-20: Shots of intersection in town that is so drifted over, you cannot tell it is a road.