3/2/2014 Newton Kansas Winter Storm B-roll

Video package shows snowy scenes in and around the Newton, Kansas area. The snow started to pick up this morning north of Wichita, Kansas.

TRT – 3:10

1) People walking out of WalMart in the snow. A man has trouble pushing his shopping cart over the snow drifts.

2) A man loading his SUV with shopping bags in the snow.

3) A family jogging to Sunday morning services in the cold wind and falling snow.

4) A group of people heading into church in the snow.

5) A mother and her young son walking in moderate snow.

6) Traffic stopped in the snow at a railroad crossing.

7,8) Kansas cattle out in the elements as wind chills are below zero and snow continues to fall.

9,10) Blowing snow along the entrance/exit ramps of interstate 135.

11) Snow plows trying to keep interstate 135 as clear as possible.

12) Snow blowing across a Kansas highway.

13) Blowing snow against evergreen trees.

14) A snow packed highway near interstate 135.

15) Passing a snow plow on interstate 135.

16) Snow packed roads in downtown Newton.

17) POV shot of a snow packed road.