3/2/2014 Lafayette, IN Spring Snow B-Roll Footage

A moderate snowfall of 4-6 inches covers the Greater Lafayette area on the evening of the first day of meteorological Spring.

Scene 1: Snowplow in downtown Lafayette,

Scene 2: A family sleds down a hill in Murdock Park in Lafayette.

Scene 3: A boy sleds down the hill alone on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Scene 4: Church goers brave the snowy morning as business owners clear sidewalks.

Scene 5: Clearing the sidewalks of Lafayette.

Scene 6: A man plows the sidewalk.

Scene 7: A man clears his car of snowfall.

Scene 8: A city employee works to clear the courthouse sidewalk of snow.

Scene 9: A city employee clears parking spaces near the courthouse in downtown Lafayette.

Scene 10: A large snowplow clears parking spaces at the Purdue University airport.

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