3/2/2014 Jackson County, IL Sleet and Thunderstorm B-Roll

That's not snow, it is sleet! And this is only the first of two rounds expected for southern Illinois as more sleet and snow will move in later on Sunday and last through Monday morning bringing an additional 6-inches of snow to the inch-plus of ice covering the ground promising to make Monday morning's commute very hazardous to near impossible. Many schools, churches, and businesses have already closed for Monday in anticipation of the storm.

An intense winter storm pounding a large part of the country awakened many residents across southern Illinois just before sunrise with a thunderstorm of sleet that dumped over an inch of sleet in less than two hours. This storm included pink lightning flashes as it moved over with rates of half-inch per hour.

Sleet covered many roads, but fortunately the early Sunday morning prevented too big a mess as many people were not out and about.

Video shot between Carbondale and De Soto, IL in Jackson County, located south/southeast of St. Louis and north/northeast of Cape Girardeau.


Scene 1: POV drive shot during height of falling sleet along IL-13 just outside of Carbondale showing very limited visibility and the covered roads.

Scene 2: POV drive shot following slow moving car in the falling sleet on IL-13.

Scene 3: Snow plow clearing on of the roads outside Carbondale and knocks over trash cans with plowed sleet.

Scene 4: Oncoming snow plow clearing sleet.

Scene 5: POV following snow plow.

Scene 6: Tight shot of snow plow clearing accumulated sleet.

Scene 7: Snow plow clearing sleet from area road.

Scene 8: Wide shot panning with plow truck along IL-13 in Carbondale.

Scene 9-10: Bicyclist struggling to ride through sleet-covered streets in Carbondale.

Scene 11: POV shot through area road in Carbondale.

Scene 12: Wide shot of sleet covering the city of Carbondale.

Scene 13-15: US-51 outside of De Soto with cars driving on sleet.

Scene 16: Shot with sleet falling and cars passing.

Scene 17: Zoomed shot of trees showing heavy falling sleet.

Scene 18: Neighborhood road showing ruts through sleet.

Scene 19: Shot from inside car as wipers try and clear ice from windshield.

Scene 20-21: Shots of sleet on windshield wipers of nearby cars.

Scene 22: Sleet bouncing off the roof of a car.

Scene 23: Wide shot looking down a local highway showing sleet covering the roads.

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