2/25/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Extreme Cold Continues B-Roll

As the month of February is coming to an end, the weather is normally suppose to be warming up in Minnesota.  The Minnesota Department of Natural ice fishing house removal deadline is only a week  away on March 3rd.

All Ice houses in the southern two-thirds of the state must be removed before midnight on March 3rd but with the extreme cold weather and the large amount of snow still on the ground and on the lakes, that may make for a difficult task this weekend.  

B-Roll from Grand Lake, just south of the city of Saint Cloud that shows dozens of Ice Fishing houses buried in the deep snow with no easy way to remove them.  Additional footage of people in Saint Cloud in the near zero temp.

Ice on the area lakes is about 4 feet thick on average.

Clip 1 Driving on Grand Lake through 4-6 foot high snow drifts on the side of the ice road.

Clip 2-4 Ice house's on Grand Lake with large snow drifts around them and no way to access them to pull them off the lake.

Clip 5 Wide shot of people drilling holes in the ice to try and go fishing.

Clip 6 Man starting up an Ice Auger to drill a hole in the ice.

Clip 7 Man drilling a hole in the ice.

Clip 8 Close up of the ice auger going into the ice that is 4 feet thick.

Clip 9 Fisherman walking through the snow.

Clip 10 Looking down into a frozen hole that shows just how thick the ice is.  It is over two feet down to where the ice cap froze in the hole.

Clip 11 Flag blowing in the wind.

Clip 12 – 16 People looking cold in downtown Saint Cloud, MN.