2/26/2014 Central Minnesota Ground Blizzard Conditions B-Roll

A powerful weather system is hitting the upper midwest area again with winds up to 45 miles per hour across Minnesota and causing ground blizzard conditions.

Various footage shot on the Stearns County and Polk County area from Sauk Centre to Glenwood, MN.

Clip 1 MNDot Snow Plow on highway 71 trying to clear the snow drifts growing across the road.

Clip 2 Bank sign with temp of -10F outside this morning.

Clip 3 Bank sign with a temp of -2F an hour later.

Clip 4 Blowing and drifting across highway 28

Clip 5 Massive snow drift behind a group of trees

Clip 6 Polk County snow plow removing snow drifts.

Clip 7 Winds gusting up to 40 mph out in the open country of western Stearns County with a stop sign in the shot.

Clip 8 Near whiteout conditions along a north south road.

Clip 9 Near whiteout conditions along a north south road with a car in the distance that is lost in the blowing snow.

Clip 10 Blowing snow

Clip 11 Blowing snow and a yeild sign in eastern Polk County, MN.

Clip 12 Blowing snow across a road

Clip 13 Blowing snow and poor visibility with whiteout conditions.

Clip 14 Huge flag blowing in the wind.

Clip 15 Snow blowing across highway 71

Clip 16 Tight shot of a wind sock blowing in the high winds.

Clip 17 Wide shot of the wind sock blowing along highway 71 with blowing and drifting snow across the roadway.

Clip 18 Traffic and blowing snow

Clip 19 Heavy Blowing snow across Highway 71

Clip 20 Heavy Blowing snow across Highway 71 with traffic

Clip 21 Blowing snow across an open field

Clip 22 Heavy Blowing snow across Highway 71

Clip 23 – 25 POV Driving shot of blowing snow across a roadway