2/24/2014 Ice Jam Damage Wildcat Creek Tippecanoe County, IN

Wildcat Creek, a tributary to the Wabash River becomes a dangerous flood zone after an Ice Jam prompts emergency managers to evacuate several residents along Barton Beach Road just outside of Lafayette, IN.
Several homes and vehicles are damaged as enormous chunks of Ice were forced down the flooded creek.

Scene 1: Ice rests against a truck after pushing it from its owners driveway.

Scene 2: A portion of fence sits in a large field of ice.

Scene 3: Zoom out to Wide shot of Cadillac and truck both damaged by a violent Ice flow.

Scene 4: A pile of ice and rubble lines the driveway of an unfortunate homeowner.

Scene 5: Damaged house and truck.

Scene 6: Damaged playground set near Wildcat Creek.

Scene 7: Road Closed sign on Barton Beach Rd.

Scene 8: Ice and tree debris fill a low area near Wildcat Creek.

Scene 9: Large chunks of ice lay near the swollen Wildcat Creek.

Scene 10: Road Closed signs on Indiana SR 225 stop motorists from crossing a bridge on the Wabash River as Ice Jam concerns grow.

Scene 11: A bridge over the Wabash River remains closed due to Ice Jam concerns.

Scene 12: A bird rides the ice flow down the Wabash River.

Scene 13: Close-up of icebergs as they move rapidly downstream.

Scene 14: Close-up of icebergs as they move rapidly downstream.

Scene 15: A caution sign warns of potential waste water pollution during flood conditions.

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