2/23/2014 Ice Skating West Lafayette IN B-Roll

Midwestern residents teased by a brief warm up endure freezing temperatures to enjoy a sunny Sunday afternoon at the West Lafayette, IN ice rink. The swollen Wabash River overflows its banks nearby as snow melt and rainwater from recent storms continue to run off.

Scene 1: Locals enjoy a beautiful sunny afternoon at the Wabash Landing Ice Skating Rink.

Scene 2: Close-up of Ice Skates as people dance around on the ice.

Scene 3: A child slips on the ice as he learns to master the art of ice skating.

Scene 4: All ages come out for a warm Winter day as temperatures hover around 30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Scene 5: Close-up of Ice Skates as kids circle the Rink.

Scene 6: A Wide pan from the Ice Rink to the Swollen banks of the Wabash River in the greater downtown Lafayette area.

Scene 7: A pan up from the ice covered flooding showing the strong current where the river normally flows with downtown Lafayette in the background.

Scene 8: A wide shot of the ice covering the flood zone of the Wabash River.

Scene 9: View of the Wabash River from the pedestrian bridge showing the sun dial bathed in late afternoon sunlight.

Scene 10: A small lone iceberg floats down the Wabash as warmer weather melts the once ice covered river.

Scene 11: An agricultural vehicle fights a snow covered field in an attempt to get a jump start on the approaching crop season.

Scene 12: An agricultural vehicle navigating Winter hazards as snow rapidly melts.

Scene 13: An agricultural vehicle bounces around in a snow covered field as the ground becomes wet and uneven.